Air scrubbers are used to control the quality of air in a work environment. Most abatement projects will require the work space to have negative air pressure with some sort of filtration. All air scrubbers (HEPA & others) are useful on the job and give hazardous materials an airborne path to filtration from the surrounding air. Air scrubbers are also used to control noxious odors, evacuate smoke, and dry areas where airflow can be effective. Virus and bacteria killing light systems can be added to some models for critical infectious control for situations such as job sites in medical facilities etc.

Be sure to choose an air scrubber that’s right for the job
Filters are packaged and sold based on the level of filtration they can achieve and airflow requirements. A HEPA filter that is used for mold will likely not meet the requirements to filter particles during an asbestos or lead abatement project. Airflow ratings on filters are important to note. When placing and order, the airflow rating will be listed on the filter casing of your unit. Your filter should not be rated for less airflow than the scrubber it will be performing in.

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